How to make gifs for Tumblr.

I use Photoshop CS5 (any older version will work too I believe.)

1. Open Photoshop.

2. Click on “File" then scroll to "Import" and choose "Video frames to Layers”.

3. Now open the video that you want to make a gif of. (It must be one of these formats:)

Just select the Video and click on Load. 

This window will appear:

4. In this window click on “Select Range Only" (If you want to make a gif of just one scene out of the video!! If you want to make the whole video into a gif just stay at "From Beginning to End". But it will most likely be too big for tumblr.)

5. Then select “Limit to Every" and type in 3 or 4. (I normally choose 3

6. Now watch the Video and when you are at the part that you want to make the gif of just click pause. And now press the Shift button on your Keyboard (It’s the key above your Ctrl Key) and click on play

The selected part will change the color to dark grey on the timeline.

If you have selected your gif part just press pause and then click ok.

It will look like this:

7. Now click on “Window" and choose "animation

The bottom of your Photoshop window will now look like this:

8. Now you can edit the gif. (Change the size, delete Frames (to delete frames just select gthe frame and click on the trash can), tag the gif, put some nice coloring over it,…)

9. We will now change the time for every frame. So select the frames. (Click on them) You want to make sure that you have under 20 frames or else the gif will probably be too big. Right click on the time (where it says 0,03 sec.) and choose other. Now just write 0,09 (or just experiment with the numbers.. it changes how slow or fast the gif will be.) 

10. Click on “File" and choose "Save for Web and Devices

11. This window will appear:

Make sure that “Gif" is selected.

Now at the left corner you can see the size of your gif. It has to be under 500k or else it won’t load on tumblr :( 

If it’s over 500k just change the size and/or the colors (what I encircled with dark red) so that it is below 500k.

12. Now you can preview your gif by clicking on play (red arrow on my picture.)

If you like how fast or slow it is perfect. If you don’t like it just repeat number 9.

Like the gif you made? 

Perfect! You can now click on save and save it where you want on your computer.

This is the gif I made:

I hope that this tutorial was helpful for you. If it wasn’t and you still have a question please message me here:

(Feedback good and bad is allowed too!)